Green House Watering Systems

 The Automatic Greenhouse Watering System is designed to work with any greenhouse. It comes in a variety of size options so will work with rough interior dimensions of 8 to 24 feet. This commercial-grade system is similar to those used by professional growers. The Automatic Greenhouse Watering System is designed to be hung from the ceiling of the greenhouse. The weighted sprinkler heads are separated by four feet and spray in a circular pattern. The commercial digital timer is designed to work with watering cycles based on your climate and the time of year.  The commercial-grade hose is specifically designed to eliminate any bacteria or mold from the inside. This allows for years of safe use. The end of the system is easily and quickly screwed onto one end of the timer. The other end of the timer is screwed directly into the spigot.Sprinkler Heads:

  • 8 ft. - includes 1 sprinkler head
  • 12 ft. - includes 2 sprinkler heads
  • 16 ft. - includes 3 sprinkler heads
  • 20 ft. - includes 4 sprinkler heads
  • 24 ft. - includes 5 sprinkler heads



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