Monticello Growers edition 12" Greenhouse

The Monticello Growers Edition 8 x 12 Greenhouse is the ideal warm weather-growing greenhouse designed for crops that require a lot of light in a private and secure setting.  

The Growers Edition has been designed with 8mm twin wall roof and wall panels that are light diffusing.   The benefit is that these panels create a more even light flow into the greenhouse creating a glow instead of a light beam effect for more even light distribution for a longer period.   The light diffusing panels also offer a higher level of privacy, just 8 inches away and you cannot see into the greenhouse. 

The Monticello Growers Edition 8 x 12 Greenhouse is constructed from the highest quality extruded aluminum (US grade – not the thinner & more brittle foreign aluminum) and coated as not to discolor over the years. The Monticello greenhouse uses on average more than 60 lbs. more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse.  Why is this important?  The weaker the framework the less snow the greenhouse can hold in the winter time before collapsing on itself also the easier it will be get damages in wind.  

While most hobby greenhouses on the market us less expensive thinner walls and roofing materials, the Monticello uses professional grade 8mm twin wall polycarbonate.  The twin wall polycarbonate acts as a double pane window keeping cooler air in during warm months and insulating the greenhouse from cold air in the wintertime.  This not only makes the Monticello more efficient to grow in for a longer period of time than other greenhouses but it also adds to the efficiency of growing, cutting down electric bills for those who choose to grow year round.

Included in the Monticello Growers Edition 8 x 12 Greenhouse package is a commercial electric exhaust fan system with built in louvers and commercial thermostat to help control the temperature inside of your Monticello Greenhouse.

Other features included in this package include a 2ft x 8ft folding work bench system, a drip irrigation system (customized up to 48 dripper heads) with programmable timer, and a 17,000 BTU commercial heater with built in thermostat, and dual automatic roof vent openers.  

At 7ft 6in tall at the peak the Monticello’s above average interior height design also helps with displacing heat within the greenhouse while also allowing for the tallest gardeners not to have to bend down when inside the greenhouse.


Features Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse

  • Proudly Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Dimensions 8.1 ft. W x 12.3 ft. L x 7.6 ft. H
  • Monticello Thermostatically controlled Electric Ventilation System
  • Monticello 2ft. x 8 foot folding Commercial Bench system
  • 17,000 BTU Commercial Heater
  • Genesis Drip Irrigation System with Programable timer
  • High impact UV stable 8mm twin wall Light diffusing polycarbonate walls and roof
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame construction
  • 2ft x 2ft roof vents with automatic openers
  • Integrated dual rain water gutter system
  • Large 6.10ft x 4.6ft wide door opening
  • Hinged Lockable Double Doors
  • Full 15 yr. warranty (strongest in the industry)
  • Snow load capacity of 24lbs/sq. ft.
  • Wind load of 52 m/sec (113 mph gusts); 80 mph constant

Please Note - Allow for a FULL weekend to Fully Assemble (ground prep included). Two people suggested for assembly.   Manual is fully illustrated.

Monticello Growers edition 12" Greenhouse
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  • Item #: MONT-12-AL-GROWERS
  • Manufacturer: Riverstone Industries
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